»Far-reaching industry knowledge, the willingness to pursue excellence, an immense amount of accountability. They are a rich source for experience combined with a passion for seeing things from a different angle. Methodical in thinking and equipped with the will to implement their ideas in practice, the Infront Team is a pleasant alternative to other consultancies. They don’t just create the best strategies, but the best strategies with the best fit to your organisation.«

Dr. Andreas Gregori

(Head of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone Germany; CMO at E-Plus Group (KPN); CCO at Sunrise Communications, Switzerland)


»Both during my time at E-Plus (KPN) as well as at Bertelsmann, I called on Infront for their support in developing and implementing various strategic measures. Many times I’ve seen strategies that looked great on paper, but were lacking operational feasibility or someone who was willing to go the extra distance and actually execute. When other consultants are already off pitching new concepts to their next clients Infront is still with you, doing the work they proposed in their strategy. They’re not visiting consultants. They’re embedded managers and passionate doers who share the challenge and the workload with you.«

Steffen Böning

(Director of Strategic Business Development at E-Plus Group; Managing Director of Distribution und Strategy at inmediaONE – a Bertelsmann subsidiary)

Creative and pragmatic

»With Infront we had professionals at our side who were ready to support us with strategy and execution – as well as with addressing various process and optimisation issues. We were especially impressed by the connection between both creative and practical elements that they were able to establish time and time again. In addition, they are highly collaborative and reliable. They act as partners, it’s always fun working with them and – most importantly – they were able to noticeably improve the success of our company Freudenberg IT.«

Dr. Sebastian Weiß

(CFO at Freudenberg IT)


»One of the benefits of working with Infront is their ability to evaluate change processes and understand the inner workings of an organisation. By consistently including the teams that were affected by the changes they proposed, we were able to seamlessly continue utilising the newly implemented concepts long after their time with us was over. This combination of targeted intervention and sustainable strategy is what makes collaborating with Infront so valuable.«

Prof. Dr. Ralf E. Strauß

(Professor for E-Business at HSBA, Hamburg School of Business Administration; Former CMO SAP Germany & Central Europe)

Lasting Results

»Commercial Due Dilligence in mid-sized IT companies is a special type of challenge. With Infront we had the perfect combination of what we needed. Their industry experience and structured analyses were not only impressive but also perfectly crafted to tackle the tasks at hand. Their work led us towards success – even two years after the due diligence process, we’re still reaping the benefits of their expertise.«

Dr. Mathias Turwitt

(Managing Director at Arcadia Unternehmens-Beteiligungen)


»In collaborating with Infront, I never had the feeling I was working with external consultants, rather with committed partners. Their solid understanding of our business and their ability to understand the company culture in our family-operated group along with their truly entrepreneurial perspective make Infront the truly supportive and trustworthy collaborators that they are. The also have a straightforward style yet unique perspective when dealing with issues surrounding business development and are able to create well though out plans and establish a shared sense of accountability for everyone involved.«

Jan-Willem Storm

(Managing Director and Partner at Wulf Johannsen KG GmbH & Co.; Member of the Advisory Board at August Storm GmbH & Co.KG)

Positions listed here are those held by our clients at the time they commissioned our support.